Ancestral Eating For All Ages:

Ancestral Eating For All Ages:

Ancestral Eating For All Ages:

I've been motivated to write this from inspiration I have had from my niece who has started weaning her little boy ancestrally. She carried him without problems. She ate and lived  ancestrally throughout her pregnancy using organ meat to supply all her folate requirements, all her B12 and Choline and all mineral requirements.

Her approach resulted in an easeful pregnancy, a quick home birth and rapid postpartum recovery. This should be every woman's experience of pregnancy and birth. 

When our children are ready to start food, a great practice is to start them on foods like liver, or raw dairy. Cooked meat is also great to start them on. 

Grains, seeds, legume and nuts have no place in the human diet. 

So our little man is thriving on amazing evolutionary foods and will not develop allergies. He will remain healthy and grow strong.

Ancestral eating is the best choice for food across the ages. As children grow, feeding them with evolutionary foods is the only option for thriving healthy humans. 

Ive heard many stories of children choosing meat and cheese over vegetables!! 

Processed foods for children may be fast and easy for easy feeding but these are not giving our children good support. Their brains and bodies are growing and they need the foods humans have developed on as well. Meat, organs, fruit and honey. With raw dairy supporting good strong bones.

Teenagers must be the worst age group to feed, with pressure from fast food advertising, and peer pressure. Good luck with this age group!!! Fingers crossed you have started them young with good nutrition and they now can make good food decisions on their own!! 

There is so much more than feeding teens to support their growth. They need emotional support and “rites of passage” to find their place in the world.

As you move into your 20s and 30s the body is laying down foundations like body fat, muscle and healthy systems internally. Keeping a well fed machine gives you the best opportunity for high performance, stamina, and sleep. This young body works freely. Feelings of invincibility are vivid.

Entering ‘middle’ age can bring major physical changes. Conscious eating will become your friend!! It is key to staying with ancestral eating for health, weight and avoiding disease and common health problems that tend to creep up on humans during this time. You need to be aware that thriving is a response to feeding the body optimally. 

I've found now that in my 7th decade  my food requirements have changed dramatically. The size of my meals have reduced and I'm aware that too much nutrition leads to more body fat than I'm happy with. With this awareness I’m choosing foods that sustain me throughout the day, ones I know will help with my cognition and memory and muscle growth. I also add a few fasting days a month. 

As humans age, if we are not well nourished muscle wasting and reduction in bone density can happen. So it makes sense to feed with protein and fat. 1.6gm protein per kg of body weight. Most elderly people I know are fed the worst food. Cakes, biscuits, lots of vegetables and reduced fat and red meat. If you want your old people to thrive and live without sarcopenia and cognitive decline, encourage more red meat, bone broths and bone marrow, and of course organ meats. These are super easy if taken in capsule form.

Finally, its never too late to start changing your diet. Starting today, will give you more life and more energy.