The Carnivore Diet involves consuming only animal-based foods. This means excluding vegetables, fruits, grains, sweeteners, nuts and seeds. A strict version of the carnivore diet also avoids herbs and spices. One can view the carnivore diet as an ancestral diet.

Research indicates that our modern physiology has evolved over nearly 2 million years, during which humans were primarily hyper-carnivorous apex predators!However, 10,000 years ago humans began settling in one location, leading to the advent of agriculture. This shift in lifestyle brought about significant changes in our diet and overall physiology.

Eliminating plant foods from your diet can help you avoid certain plant toxins and anti-nutrients. For instance, compounds like phytates (found in nuts and seeds), phytohormones, and oxalates can harm the gut, disrupt hormonal balance and cause inflammation.

Adopting a carnivore diet can offer various health benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced insulin sensitivity
  • Improved mental clarity and mood stability
  • Boosted fertility, testosterone, and libido
  • Weight management and better bone health

The best way to get started is to consider setting a 30-day challenge for yourself, focusing on meat and organs. During this period, monitor and evaluate improvements in energy, reduction in aches, sleep quality and hunger levels.  Some points to remember:

  1. Eat to your satisfaction. There's no need to count calories, and ensure you never stay hungry.
  2. Maintain hydration by drinking ample water. Tea and coffee are acceptable, and you can add cream if desired.
  3. Consume 1 to 3 meals daily and avoid snacking. With a diet rich in meat and fats, the urge to snack often diminishes. Over time, you might find two meals daily sufficient.
  4. Cook your meat to your preference. Over time, your cravings and tastes may evolve – embrace it!
  5. Engage in resistance training, be it through weights, bodyweight exercises, yoga, or gym workouts. Pay attention to your body's cues.
  6. Lastly, seek support. There are several communities online, especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Also, stay connected with the HGP team; we’d be keen to know about your journey.


Breakfasts - Eggs, bacon, steak, beef liver, bone marrow

Lunches - Steak, oysters, ground beef patties, beef heart, eggs

Dinners - Grilled ribs, lamb chops, slow-cooked beef cheek, steak, mackerel