In pursuit of optimal health, Marty and I decided to embark on a journey of dietary exploration but it didn't work out as expected...

After digging deep into the realm of health and wellness, we began to grasp the profound influence of ‘diet’ on ‘overall well-being’. The notion that food possesses power to both heal and nourish was fascinating. In a quest for knowledge, we discovered the significance of our ancestral diet and its emphasis on animal products, particularly nutrient-dense 'organ' meats.

Recognising deficiencies in our health, including chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, poor sleep habits, and excess weight, we became determined to transform our well-being and lifestyle! We decided to adopt a Ketogenic diet - high fat, moderate protein, low-carb - focussing on consuming ‘above ground’ plants and occasionally indulging in fermented dough bread. After three years, I noticed  improvements in energy levels and body composition, however, the changes weren't as drastic as I had hoped.

Then, in December 2018, I stumbled upon the Carnivore diet...

We researched and gained from podcasts and readings by renowned ‘carnigurus’, fuelling our motivation to embrace locally sourced, animal based eating. Animals have sustained themselves on our Earth for thousands of years, and the nutrients they provide are perfectly suited for us - the human animal - in particular, their unparalleled nutrient dense organ meats.  These are linked to increased cognition, strength, endurance and numerous other benefits including eliminating autoimmune issues and witnessing positive changes in mental health.

For us the Carnivore diet has been a complete game changer, especially around heightened (and maintained) vitality! Our bodies are strong, healthy and capable of running, sailing, dancing and walking without the ongoing pain and fatigue we used to suffer. Removal of plants from our diet brought astonishing mental clarity, inner peace and freedom from discomforts such as urgency, abdominal pain, bloating and excessive water retention. Feeling truly alive and effortlessly engaged in our work is now an everyday expectation.

The paradigm shift of removing plants from our diet has been profound.

We've learned the value of consuming nose-to-tail and embracing all the super nutrients found in the organs, glands and connective tissues our ancestors treasured, but modern lifestyles overlook. This realisation, this epiphany, inspired me to create Homegrown Primal - New Zealand’s own 100% grass feed beef, nose-to-tail nutritional supplements.  This passion provides instant access to these extraordinary nutrients for all our fellow humans (and animals) across the globe.

May we all find our unique path to well-being and embrace the power of Homegrown Primal supplements to transform our lives.

Marty & Janet