Grass fed tallow. Made for humans, gifted by animals. Grass fed, grass finished New Zealand beef supplements for health and wellness. Ancestral lifestyle, locally grown on regeneratively farmed land. Perfect for paleo, keto, carnivore diets.
Grass fed suet tallow capsules

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KiwiBurn | Grass-fed Beef Tallow
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Janet and Marti from Homegrown Primal

Tënā koutou katoa e te whanau

Welcome to our tribe.

We believe in nose-to-tail nutrition. This way of eating provides a full balance of all the nutrients we need for optimal health and vitality. A diet without animal sourced food can lead to deficiencies in B vitamins, heme iron and choline. Homegrown Primal supplements can contribute to increasing your intake of these essential nutrients and reclaiming your vitality. 

We are a New Zealand couple with a family business owned and operated in the South Island of New Zealand. We have the luxury of incredibly fertile land and pristine waters, the cattle here in the South Island are healthy, naturally-raised and grass-fed.

We believe our supplements are the best and purest available on the market today.

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Grassfed beef, regeneratively raised, sourced locally. Our bovine supplements support ancestral eating, healing the soil biome adnd the gut biome, healthy animals restore soils and heal bodies. be part of the eco life cycle.

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More energy, no more night sweats. Feel a lot better generally. Highly recommend!

Lucy B

Mojo for Women


Hey awesome supplements! Very grateful you have put in the work for a wonderful product for our benefit ! Thanks again!

John K

Mojo for Men


Thrive is my favourite product, nutrient dense and also ethically sound to use all of the animal.

Christopher W



Great! Instantly could tell a difference in my energy

Chris V

Man's Power Pack


Always 5 stars! If your looking for an awesome top quality beef liver product, look no further! My 7 & 3yr olds also take these capsules. Great for the whole family!

Jeanette W



Brilliant product. Increased vitality and energy. I’ll be buying this product monthly

Hayden J



Loving my organ supps. I have more energy, less brain fog & sleeping better. Best I've felt in years. Thank you.

Victoria P