Are Grains Bad For Me??

Are Grains Bad For Me??

Grains. Are they really a health food?

Grains do have the capacity to harm us and disrupt our digestive system by a few insidious characteristics.

Firstly: Have you heard of a substance called Phytic Acid?

This substance when ingested actually binds minerals and eliminates them from the body.

Phytic Acid is found in grains and legumes and seeds.

So although we have been told that we need to consume 55% of our daily nutrition in the form of cereals (grains, seeds and legumes) We are doing a disservice to our digestive system by removing the minerals that we have in our food, with the actual food we are told to eat.

Hmmmm. This is a puzzle. Why do you think we've been told that grains and seeds and legumes are good for us??

If you think about it, they are the first part of the plant that has all the DNA coding for that plant to grow into its mature stage. Plants do not want to be eaten and so these are heavily defended. Full of toxins to discourage anyone or animal, or insect from eating them.

Phytic acid is one of many toxins in plants that are designed to damage the eater.

So if your diet has a lot of grains, seeds and legumes ( and nuts) you will eventually become minerally deficient.

Some of the minerals that we need to survive optimally are:





Secondly: Grains, seeds, and legumes contain protease inhibitors that damage your body's ability to digest protein!

Thirdly: Grains and legumes also contain goitrogens these inhibit digestion at the thyroid.

And last but not least: They are also a common source of allergens. That can lead to physical, emotional and mental disorders.

Why are they encouraged as food when they wreak havoc internally?? Humans do not have the ability to digest these very well if at all.

Generationally, our genetic resistance to the modern farmed grains has reduced and now we have more gut ill health than we as humans have ever had. 

The grains are different too. Most genetically modified to withstand glyphosate which is used extensively through our cropping industry. Not only are the crops glyphosate ready (GM) they are also sprayed extensively with glyphosate before harvest. 

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