Diet and Metabolic Health

Diet and Metabolic Health

Interestingly, Ive spent the last few hours searching google, for articles that the average person would want to read about health and diet. Im not surprised about my findings; so many articles about healthy food, fresh vegetables, grains, and not much about meat and its abilities to maintain a healthy immune system, and metabolic health. Thankfully I have podcasts loaded up on Spotify, for my daily run/walks to fill my mind with the latest research from the people I really rate in this field. Most are functional doctors, some are scientists and others athletes or biohackers who are wanting more from their nutrition, or are not convinced the the health guidelines that have been promoted by our 'institutions' for healthy living.

I thought that Id share them with you here: If you have been wanting to find out information about how you can hack your way to metabolic health please click these links below, sign up to their regular podcasts.

Dr Paul Mason, talks about metabolic health, and the five markers of health or sickness that give us an indication of our ability to fight virus's and longterm sickness like diabetes and heart disease.

Paul Saladino, the carnivoreMD who really gets to question the way the virus shut down has been handled. He also offers some great insight into herd immunity and our Metabolic health.

Ken Berry and Georgia Ede, talking about mental health and nutrition! Both these educated doctors are carnivores and talk about their journey back into health and how important what we put in our mouths determines our metabolic health, and our ability to combat disease.

Hopefully youre inspired to read further, and take a good look at your diet, your metabolic health and steps towards a fuller, more expansive healthy life.

All these guys, know the value of the ancestral diet and the place that organ meat has in this diet. 

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