Dog Treats? Too much nutrition?

Dog Treats? Too much nutrition?

Dog Treats? Too much nutrition?

Do you treat your dog with freeze dried beef or deer organs, thinking that you are giving them lots of love??

Dogs, like humans, need good nutrition but it's easy to over feed with treats that are nutrient dense. 

Humans really benefit from eating liver once a week. They really benefit from targeting eating various organs for targeted health. 

The organs that have been put into the pet food shelves in the supermarket have been used for human health for millenia, now invisible in the human diet. We now know that these foods are essential for us to promote our wellbeing and a radically healthy body. 

Like our canine companions, organs have our place in the diet, but because they are so nutrient dense they can be overfed. Dog owners want to have healthy pets, ones with unbounded energy and a sustained healthy body throughout their lives. 21st century dogs have the same illnesses that their human counterparts have, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure as well as kidney problems, and joint problems. These all stem from a bad diet. An ill informed diet choice.

Our best friends are carnivores, they don't thrive with a diet filled with grains, and vegetables. They thrive on raw meat and organs.

Homegrown Hounds grew because we realised that dogs needed to go back to their evolutionary correct diet.

Our powders are raw organs, easily sprinkled over the food, in regulated amounts.

Supporting the internal organs of the body, and providing optimal targeted nutrition. Plus a little goes a long way. 1 to 2 teaspoons a day will support your hound into radical health and healing.

The freeze dried Dog treats in the form of beef organs, should be minimized and used VERY sparingly.  But using a sprinkle daily will provide all the nutrition your dog will need for a healthy long life.