What is your Healthy?

What is your Healthy?

Most people are either super happy with their health, body shape, or fitness regime, or others question constantly how to control their weight, worry about what to eat, and stress about not getting enough of something to make their lives easier, more restful, more fulfilled.

The major changes that we are all going through now, in mid 2020 are impacting on our relationships with ourselves, and our future selves.

Being able to turn those feelings of uncertainty and doubt into a positive underlying vibe, can be assisted by diet. By supporting yourself nutritionally with food that nourishes and sustains you to be able to change gears into joy, positivity and gratitude. It starts with making changes to your daily routines.

Learning about nutrition and meditation is a start. Im guessing that being on this website you are already on the pathway!

Good nutrition is available to us, locally grown, and sourced foods and understanding that the macros protein, carbs and fat in the right amount form the basis to enabling nourishment to support us.

Things that are slowly killing us are processed foods, vegetable oils and sugar, the ones that are responsible for the cravings that make us reach for the quick fix.

I don't believe that there is one diet that fits all, but what I do believe is that optimal health is available to potentially, everyone.

Ive posted below some really good sites and a podcast to give you information that will educate and assist you in making the right choices today. People have noted that metabolic healing starts the minute that you refuse to put anything destructive to your health in your mouth. People who have replaced processed foods with home grown, meat eggs, fish and low carb vegetables have noted changes very quickly. 

I also love being outside in the sun, this tops up my Vit D reserves and my mood! often.

https://www.carnivoresq.com/ ( a great website with lots of reading)

https://carnivoremd.com/how-coronavirus-kills-healthy-people-with-cate-shanahan-m-d/ My fav podcast here talking about PUFAS and metabolic health.

https://www.paleomedicina.com/en/coronavirus_vitamin-d an article on Vitamin D and immunity.

Im also happy to answer any questions too, please email me: