How many capsules should I take a day???

How many capsules should I take a day???

Ive had a few people asking this question. Our freeze dried organs are all meat! no added anything! these can be safely taken daily without the risk of overdoing it!!

For most of human history we used animals for food and nutrition and instinctively used the organ meat for health and healing. Traditional peoples will use like for like, so for kidney health, kidneys were consumed, heart health, hearts were given. 

Liver is the ultimate super food, dense with our daily requirements of B12, choline, Vitamin A and C. These nutrients are essential for our health and detoxification. Enabling the body's processes to work optimally.

BoostWe recommend that you consume around 100gm of raw liver a week, to support your health. 6 capsules a day will give you the equivalent of this a week. this is not a huge amount but cumulatively you will be providing your body with some awesome ongoing nutritional support. 

This also goes for our Thrive, organ mix. 6 capsules a day will give you great metabolic support. 

Ignition, our beef brain, has some nuance, organ meat is high in so many necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements, but brain contains a higher fat content. Its high in cholesterol, which is great for brain function. But also new studies have shown that cholesterol is responsible for maintaining cell health in older adults. DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, is high in brain tissue as well.

We recommend you take 1500mg daily of Ignition. 3 capsules

Restore: Type 2 collagen. I have always loved chewing on bones, beef, lamb and Pork. Being active, my body needs the restorative care I get from this type 2 collagen. It goes directly to my ligaments and joints. For me, adding more type 2 collagen into my diet has completely removed any joint pain I had simmering. 

We recommend that 1500mg of Restore daily will help your body maintain healthy tissue, from ligaments and joints to the fascia that gently supports inter-muscular tissue. 

 (We are aware that not everyone wants to drop a lot of capsules a day so we are launching Boost Powder. This has a range of uses, you can add it to smoothies, stews, eggs your favourite way.)