Hows your summer planning going?

Beautiful New Zealand Beach
Heading towards summer at a great rate of knots!!:
Hows your planning going?
We've just flipped into daylight saving here in NZ and honestly, this first week is always a challenge for me. I'm an early riser and time on my mat in the morning is always the perfect start to the day. I'm blessed not to ever use an alarm to get me up, I let the birds and the morning sun move me out of bed. So my ‘alarm’ hasn't changed, its just now a little later for the mat meeting!!
By “mat” I'm really enjoying the silence of the morning, so I can breathe, recentre and find the bliss so when I step into my day I'm in flow.
I was wondering this morning about daylight savings and how this first week really messes with our rhythm. It messes with the kids, who need to get up an hour earlier, and it messes with the parents who manage their family, and their job on a daily basis. 
This is a reminder that we can change our groove with a positive mind set. My sister is a great one for affirmations and I love that her gentle reminding can assist me with my mind set change.
Some affirmations that I love are: ( oh and do them in the mirror, so you can make eye contact with yourself)
  1. I am beautiful
  2. I feel love all around me
  3. Today is going to be an amazing day
  4. I am healthy 
  5. I embrace ALL that life brings me today.

There are lots and I encourage you to find some of your own, or maybe just start with the ones above.
Finally, because we are getting to the season where we will be outside more, and socializing more Id like to remind you of the 9 Ancestral Tenets:
Get some daily SUN
MOVE your body
CONNECT with the earth.
BOND with your people. Maybe reach out and follow life and make new friends
Base your food choices around the ancestral principles, EAT local. 
FIGHT for what you believe in
Try some COLD plunges into the ocean
SHIELD yourself from the chemicals in our environment
Make SLEEP a good habit.
Making these a framework for your days will perhaps be a guide for your approach to summer.