Ruminants for Regeneration

Ruminants for Regeneration

They have been on the planet longer than humans have, in large herds, roaming the pasture lands. 'Pruning' the long grasses, trampling the soils and bringing their highly prized manure to the land. Now with the help of Alan Savory,

There is new appreciation for this type of farming because of a number of reasons. But primarily the health of the soil, and its ability to sequester carbon.

Im excited because here in New Zealand there is a growing number of farmers who have seen that traditional farming no longer is serving the land and they are opting for changing the farming approach.

Mangarara in the Hawkes Bay is doing just this.

I invite you to take a closer look at what is happening in NZ agriculture today, the farmers who are looking to the long term future of their pastures, their local community and their animals. 

"Every Mouthful we take is coming from a system thats either degrading the planet or, if you choose, you can eat well from a food production system that is regenerating the land" Greg Hart  Mangarara Farm

I invite you to think about the foods you eat, their carbon foot print, and the impact on the land of that foods production.