Staying Super Healthy in Todays Chaos

Staying Super Healthy in Todays Chaos

Im not sure whether chaos is the right word for my title, Im feeling that Im now in the calm of the storm, while it rages around me, Im practicing down regulation of my nervous system with exercise, Yoga, new breath techniques and of course eating ancestral diet. 

I encourage all of you to take a look inside your selves and notice how busy, stressed or calm you are, and if calm is a state of mind/body how do you stay there?? and how can you share this with others. If you are stressed, I invite you to breathe....

this podcast: Paul and Ben chat about how to stay in the zone, through simple hacks that keep your immune system optimal.

Paul Saladino talks about peptides, short strings of amino acids that are found in organ meat and how they are soooo beneficial to health.

They also mention heat and cold cycling, how its important to expose the body to extremes of temperatures for health, think Wim Hoff. So cold plunges or cold showers actually help the mitochondria with their job of keeping the whole body system working optimally.

Sleep is another really important aspect of good health. Getting as much as your body needs, is crucial to maintain a healthy immune system. This is regular, circadian activity. Noticing when you are tired and taking that directive to sleep, and not exposing yourself to extending amounts of blue light through the night.

Breathing techniques to down regulate: James Nestor's book Breathe should be on your reading list this lockdown.

Knowing that organ meat is fundamental to a healthy immune system, I encourage you to check out our supplements, grab some Thrive, our organ mix that has spleen, which directly supports our immune system as well as liver, heart, kidneys and pancreas. Thrive is my choice of supplement for immune support.

We are a NZ company and our products are sourced from NZ grass feb beef, and freeze dried to lock in all the nutrients, peptides, vitamins, mineral and trace elements, to support us right now, during these tough times. 

Don't reach for the junk food to make you feel better, take a walk, listen to a podcast and choose locally grown, pesticide free, food to keep your body in the most healthy state possible.