Take the Stairs

Take the Stairs

Weve got lazy. Weve got too comfortable and this is not good in so many ways. We need moments that challenge us.

Ive started really noticing how many people don't take the stairs, how many people use the lime scooters in the city to avoid walking!!! We are really not moving as much as we did. How often I use my car when I could easily walk?

We spend 95% of our time inside. 

I really believe that movement is going to change us, getting outside, climbing hills, getting into the mountains, fields, or beach choosing anything to get my head out of the digital and my body outside.

Breathing techniques are making a comeback. Wim Hof, James Nestor, Michael Easter to name a few. Hof's techniques come from ancient practice that we have lost, learning how to breathe to sustain us, to heal us. Modalities like Kundalini Yoga are giving us the opportunities to learn ancient practices, to source inner strength and wisdom.

How can you challenge yourself today??

There are so many benefits to being challenged. We gain health, physical and mental. Self esteem and confidence.

Below is an interview with Micheal Easter author of 'The Comfort Crisis'. Worth a watch.


Micheal also believes that boredom is worth sitting in, boredom, mind wandering. It's creative, we go inward, it's time for the creative mind to start working. Sitting and being uncomfortable, in the silence, in the quiet. Remove yourself from all outside media, phones, screens. This opens the opportunity for the unlimited.

So taking the stairs, being more active. Learning some breathing techniques for meditation or enabling a cold plunge, will help you to explore outside your comfort zone. So ultimately having a deeper more fulfilling experience of life.