The Nine Ancestral Tenets

The Nine Ancestral Tenets

 During the last couple of months we have been looking at the Nine Ancestral Tenets as promoted by the Liver King. Although he has claimed them as his, the ancestral tenets or principles have been part of the dialogue for ancestral living for a number of decades, primarily from the Weston A Price Foundation as well as a number of other organisations that see getting back to our primal motivations as key to our ongoing health as primates in the modern world.

Researching the tenets has been a great learning experience and Ive gathered more knowledge around the science and research that has been done in the field of ancestral living. Ive added a couple of papers that I thought may be great nighttime reading if you're a bit geeky like me!!

the Tenets are:

Sleep, Eat, Move, Shield, Connect, Cold, Sun, Fight and Bond. You can find the Liver King's take on the Tenets here:

The essential nature of all the tenets are key for us to live and maintain our health and relationships in this fast paced life of ours. They are all interconnected, but believe that the most important tenet is eat. With an animal based diet, eating un processed and local seasonal foods we can create a radical health foundation that the other tenets can be supported thorough. Sleeping gets better, Being able to move freely without pain and discomfort, being able to push yourself to achieve good fitness goals, all contribute to a deeper life experience. 

I love Connect, this tenet is all about connecting to the wild! the wild outside and the wild within. Sitting on mountain or by the beach, tramping for days in the bush, or swimming with dolphins. These things are essential for us to really feel the bigger picture, the expanse of nature and this glorious world we are part of.

I love the Cold!! I used to hate it!! I now know how essential it is for my health and wellbeing to get cold!!! the paper below has some interesting stats on cold exposure and how our bodies can thrive with regular cold exposure!!!

We also need the sun, to activate the fat soluble vitamins, to stimulate serotonin production and to remineralise our bodies. To help bone density and that 'good feeling'. There is also research, the paper is below, regarding sun exposure and improved gut biome diversity. We need the sun every day.

The other 2 Tenets ill cover in the next blog!!!

In the meantime, get outside in the sun or the cold. Eat local, and Move!!! sun exposure increases the gut microbiome diversity. how important is cold exposure?