Front view of our Thrive supplement
THRIVE   |   Five Organ Mix
THRIVE   |   Five Organ Mix
THRIVE   |   Five Organ Mix
THRIVE   |   Five Organ Mix
Rare view of our Thrive supplement

THRIVE | Five Organ Mix

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Unleash your body’s full potential with Thrive, the ultimate beef organ supplement.

Thrive is made from 100% NZ grass-fed, grass-finished bovine organs. This 'super' mix contains a unique blend of FIVE nutrients including:

  1. Liver is a rich source of Vitamin A, heme iron, B6, and B12
  2. Heart contains coenzyme Q10 for heart health, mitochondrial function as well as essential vitamins and minerals
  3. Kidney supports kidney health and immune function
  4. Pancreas helps regulate blood sugar and digestion
  5. Spleen provides concentrated heme iron for disease-fighting and blood cell cleansing


  • Supports digestive health, immune system, energy metabolism
  • Superfood for liver health support
  • Great addition to daily diets especially paleo and carnivore


  • Daily dosage of up to 6 capsules (3,000mg)

Customer Reviews

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Olivia Wallace
Awesome product and service

Great service from the team and very fast shipping. Feeling more supported since taking the capsules.

Highly recommend

We have been on the carnivore way of eating for 4 months now and with homegrown primal we know we are getting all the essential nutrients we need without having to eat meat cuts we don't enjoy. We feel the best we ever have with loads of energy, we take thrive, boost and burn.


Fast shipping great price and good quality product will be purchasing again!


As an early childhood teacher I am exposed to lots of coughs and colds. I do feel that the Thrive and the Bone and Marrow supplements have given my immune system the boost I need.

Improved energy

I've had Chronic fatigue syndrome for 4 years and have spent thousands of dollars on supplements through the years. These have improved my health and energy more than any other supplement. Highly recommend these products