Low Dose Thyroid and Liver
Low Dose Thyroid and Liver

Low Dose Thyroid and Liver

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Our Grassfed Thyroid complex is now half strength Thyroid. More liver, less thyroid to assist some people who found Thyroid and Liver too strong.

Thyroid and Liver is a combination of organs that support a healthy functioning Thyroid. Based on the premise that 'like supports like' taking bovine thyroid with liver will support your thyroid. Perfect for paleo, keto and carnivore diets. 

15mg of bovine thyroid.

485 mg of bovine liver.

Thyroid gland affects every part of the body because of the way it affects the hormones. Energy levels, brain function, and metabolism all are affected by the thyroid.

For many people their first introduction to their thyroid is a health problem and this could be in the form of weight gain, debilitation fatigue or just a constant feeling of brain fog or poor memory.

We have combined bovine thyroid tissue and bovine liver to give you an option for treating your sluggish thyroid.

We know that the vitamins and minerals in bovine liver work to support the action of the thyroid, however, we are not the experts, we expect that you will know how to treat your thyroid and that you may want to try our product. We also know that you will be familiar with supporting your thyroid.

Please consult with your doctor or specialist before adding this product to your health stack. 

We also recommend that you head to https://stopthethyroidmadness.com for more information on thyroid activity.

Disclaimer: this product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent a disease.

Grassfed beef thyroid is a natural, whole food dietary supplement, unlike Armour, Naturethroid, Westhroid-P (WP) and NP Thyroid which are concentrated USP thyroid extracts derived from porcine.