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Mojo for Women | Grass-fed Beef Placenta, Ovarian & Uterine Tissue, Bovine Mammary Tissue and Spleen

Mojo for Women | Grass-fed Beef Placenta, Ovarian & Uterine Tissue, Bovine Mammary Tissue and Spleen

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Mojo for Women, a natural supplement designed to support reproductive health and hormone balance. Mojo for women is made from 100% grass-fed, grass-finished bovine, sourced from the pristine pastures of New Zealand. The formula includes bovine ovaries, spleen, uterine tissue, and mammary. We recommend a daily dosage of up to 3 capsules a day. This provides you with 900 mg of the highest quality beef placenta in the world.

Placenta is a tissue that's been used for centuries for its therapeutic qualities due to its high concentration of estrogen, progesterone, lactogen, iron, endorphins, and oxytocin. Placental extracts have been shown to reduce menopausal symptoms and promote hormonal balance. It’s also known to reduce the number and severity of hot flushes and irritability.

Additionally, the supplement includes ovarian tissue to support fertility health and healthy ovarian tissue. 

Bovine uterine tissue is included to support endometrial function. This helps women with regular periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and pre and post-menopausal symptoms. Moreover, Mojo for Women includes bovine mammary and spleen tissues.

Mojo also contains Spleen, an immune booster and very high in heme iron, and mammary tissue, to provide support to healthy breasts, especially during lactation

Consuming these glandulars supplies enzymes that rebuild and detoxify specific, targeted areas.

One bottle provides a two month supply of Mojo for Women. In short, Mojo for women is an essential supplement for women at any stage of life, who are looking to support their reproductive health. Mojo for Women is perfect for those on carnivore, keto, and paleo diets, and is the ultimate ancestral supplement.

Recommended Daily Dose:

up to 3 caps a day

Mojo is therapeutic.

It contains peptides, enzymes and stem cells, vascular endothelial growth factor for supporting regular healthy menstrual cycles. Supports muscle growth, fertility and sexual health. Supports post partum recovery.

We also dont recommend during pregnancy. Placenta is high in progesterone.

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