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Our Joint Mix | Bone + Marrow & Restore

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Our offering to joints, connective tissue and overactive bodies.

Our mix gives you 600mg of Bone and Marrow and 500mg of trachea and scapula cartilage mixed per capsule. 

We recommend for daily maintenance: 3 caps of each. 

Or if you have an injury and you need extra support you can increase to 6 caps of each a day.

The trachea and scapula cartilage is known to support wound healing.

The bone and marrow contains glucosamine and glycine, both powerful support for the immune system and the reduction in joint pain.

Together these are great support for any active human.

Customer Reviews

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Aaron Martin
20 year old injuries healing

Never experienced anything like it. Injuries I suffered 20 years ago are healing up. My neck cracked into place almost immediately and am free of constant neck pain. It's like a chiro adjustment in a bottle

Stefan Ozich
Keeping me robust!

I’ve been running ultras for about 3 years now. And having just ran 115km’s this past weekend, I’ve had the quickest recovery I’ve ever had. What’s changed is my use of this product and homegrown primal in general.. swear by this product! As always, keep it primal!!