Front view of our Thyroid + Liver supplement
THYROID + LIVER  |  Bovine Organs
THYROID + LIVER  |  Bovine Organs
THYROID + LIVER  |  Bovine Organs
THYROID + LIVER  |  Bovine Organs

THYROID + LIVER | Bovine Organs

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Our original combination of Thyroid and Liver that supports a healthy functioning Thyroid.

Based on the premise that 'like supports like', Thyroid + Liver is a combination of organs that support a healthy functioning Thyroid. Our Thyroid gland affects every part of our body because of the way it affects our hormones including energy levels, brain function, and metabolism!

For many people their first introduction to their thyroid is a health problem and this could be in the form of weight gain, debilitating fatigue or just a constant feeling of brain fog or poor memory. We have combined bovine thyroid tissue and bovine liver to give you an option for treating this sluggish thyroid effect.

We know vitamins and minerals in bovine liver work to support the action of the thyroid, however, we are not the experts. We expect you to know how to treat your thyroid and because of this you may want to try our product to help support your plan.

Please consult with your doctor or specialist before adding this product to your health stack. Grassfed beef thyroid is a natural, whole food dietary supplement, unlike Armour, Naturethroid, Westhroid-P (WP) and NP Thyroid which are concentrated USP thyroid extracts derived from porcine. We recommend that you head to for more information on thyroid activity.


  • Supporting digestive health, immune system, energy metabolism
  • Helps lift the sluggish Thyroid symptoms
  • Based on the premise that 'like supports like'
  • Perfect for paleo, keto and carnivore diets


  • Daily dosage of up to 8 capsules (4,000mg)
  • Each cap is made up of 30mg Thyroid, 470mg Liver

Disclaimer: this product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent a disease.

Customer Reviews

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Thyroid and Liver

Well nearly 2 weeks in and feeling and coping so much better with mental stress and fatigue. Bring on more ❤️

Thyroid and liver

I have noticed a difference in just over a week.More energy and less moods!

Shelley M.
Perfect blood thyroid levels now

Home grown primal, Thyroid and Liver capsules are helping keep my T3 levels up and keeping my TSH way way down. I just got latest blood results back and my levels are perfect. I have used another thyroid product that also worked but they ran out and I came to HGP. Thanks team

Great news Shelley! Your review will help others making these decisions around health and stabilising their Thyroid.

Fabulous Primal ... I love the supplements and I have never felt so well.

Fabulous and I feel stronger and well. The products are just what our bodies need!!! Recommend them.

Katrina McIntyre
Love your products!!

For 2 weeks approx now I have been taking 6 caps of Kiwiburn, 6 caps of Liver & Thyroid & 6 caps of Thrive every morning on an empty stomach. I find they curb my appetite I don't feel hungry for a long time & also as of 2 days ago with exercise & eating mainly carnivore, animal based, 1 am dropping weight really good on scales. I have even started giving my 4 younger kids Thrive to see how they go. Find these 3 products great!!! Will definately purchase more shortly!! <3