Healthy Pregnancy, Birth, First Foods

Happy baby under a blanket playing peek-a-boo

Confused as to what to eat during pregnancy to optimise your health?

Over one third of the worlds new-borns are deficient in iron, B12, choline, EPA, DHA, and other essential nutrients. Deficiencies can lead to anemia, slow cognitive development, and failure to thrive. 

Even here in New Zealand we are being encouraged to reduce our meat intake, and increase a diet that is high in grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. All these are endocrine disruptors, they chelate vital minerals in the food so that the body cannot use them. 

Maternal under nutrition during pregnancy and lactation can also lead to negative outcomes for infants. Various professional associations and health authorities worldwide caution against vegan and vegetarian diets for pregnant women, infants, children, and adolescents. ( ALF2020 )

Pesticides are also used in the production of breads and cereals in NZ which are known to cause cognitive impairment. 

Here in New Zealand we are in the best position to feed our pregnant mummas with grass fed meats and organs that will provide all the essential nutrients to their growing babies so that they can be confident that they are giving their children the best start to life. 

Diets low in animal sourced foods can harm children in the early stages of live. We really don't have any excuses to feed our children well. 

First foods need to be meat, liver eggs and raw dairy.

40% of children and adolescents in Australia have been found to be iron deficient according to this study. Fussy eating has been seen as one of the reasons.

Finally, I'd like to share this amazing documentary that the team at Heart and Soil created last year, it's called Nourished. Full of great information if youre really wanting to optimise your pregnancy and birth and beyond.