What Vital Nutrients do we need daily??

grass fed beef is so nutrient dense

Ive been looking at mental health and nutrition. The link between the gut and the brain is our constant companion and when we feed our bodies with unprocessed whole foods the possibility of loosing our mental clarity diminishes. Lets feed ourselves optimally for the brains trust we all so need. So we can think on our feet, make good decisions about every aspect of our lives, relate well, and tap into more joy.

The most nutrient dense foods are molluscs and a close second is organ meat!! Welcome to desiccated organ meat, a fully vitamin and mineral packed superfood. 

The nutrients we all need daily from our food are Vit B12, B6, Vit C, Vit A, folate, iron, magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc, calcium. Thankfully Beef liver is Jam-packed full of these. they are also bioavailable, which means they ar fully available to our bodies, they can use them straight away, without having to process the food any further, like the nutrients available in plant foods.

If you are on medications, these also deplete our nutrient stores. Aspirin can negatively affect Vitamin C levels, Contraceptives decrease folate, magnesium, B6, Vit C and E.

Metformin reduces B12

Mood stabilisers reduce folic acid, Vit D B6, B12, and minerals copper, selenium, and zinc. 

Proton Pump inhibitors, reduce the absorption of micro nutrients in the intestinal walls, B12, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium

Statins, can inhibit the function of CoQ10, an essential player in the citric acid cycle, which supports the production of ATP.

SO we are what we absorb not what we eat!!

Make sure that you are taking organ meat, whether it is cooked at home or taken in a supplement from HomegrownPrimal.co.nz