Everything Wrong with the Modern Diet: You are what you eat. Back to Basics

Everything Wrong with the Modern Diet: You are what you eat. Back to Basics

Everything Wrong with the Modern Diet.

We have come such a long way from the lazy days on the farm. It seems now that the hamster wheel that is our daily life is impossible to get off but we are all searching for a respite, and  a rest. Finding the answer could be the key to enabling the ‘slowdown’ and ‘breathe’.

The realisation that I can step off the fast pace life, and take a breath without my life falling apart is a massive mind shift. I believe it starts with food. 

Deeply embedded in our psyche is the animal, who needs natural foods, warmth, and company. For many years we've been pushing this animal away and numbing it down by this fast paced life, grabbing fast food, staying up late working and not resting, all the while thinking that we've “got to keep” going. Daily releasing the fight hormones that keep us running away from the tiger!!

Getting back to an ancestral diet, one that is uncluttered with additives, one that is full of whole foods, not packed and processed for longevity on the shelf, is the first key to stepping off the wheel.

Fast foods have been part of our culture since the 70’s. KFC opened in Auckland in 1971!! And since then the large chains have been providing nutrient deficient foods to NZers!!! That's 50 years to create more disease and more self loathing than we have ever experienced. To undermine the health of an entire species.

Easy to buy, mostly affordable and playing into our narrative of ‘not enough time to cook’.

We as a nation have been afflicted with more diabetes, heart disease, gut issues, and obesity than any other time in history.

We now need CHANGE. 

There's a new wave of healthy people, some who are thriving due to experimenting with their own food, some whose health has been so bad that they have found their own way through elimination.

The ancestral diet, or getting back to basics, shows that we don't need all the additives and the processing. That we can sustain and nurture ourselves naturally, with locally sourced food its not impossible to regain our health, our birthright to radical aliveness.

We are all familiar with these abbreviations; paleo, keto, fodmap, and we all know that the atkins diet was all about protein!!  

These diets encourage us to look beyond the food pyramid and beyond the fast food drive through. They have been birthed from a sick and unhealthy population who need answers and a change. But are they just fads?? 

The food pyramid wants you to think that fads don't last and that you need 5 servings of veg a day, 50% carbs, lean meat, and no saturated fats!!! FYI the food pyramid is sponsored by kellogs, big food and big pharma!! 

But they are not fads, they are birthed from people pushing against the standard food narrative.

Getting back to basics and eating simply and local is a new movement, driven by thinkers who want more than to just exist. 

I believe it is the way to radical health.

I Don't want to eat food that has traveled some distance and I don't want to eat food that is out of season!! Our inner animal wants warm slow cooked in the winter, when fruits are scarce and light meals when fruit is in season. When we can make yogurt from fresh milk and eat freshly slaughtered lamb chops!!

Its simple and its simply nourishing.

Starting is easy, clean out all the packaged food from your pantry, and fridge. Be ruthless!!! Take all the seed oils and dump them!!! That's all the processed oils from plants. These are not doing you any good!!! Remove the sugar. Start reading labels. Don't buy anything that has more than 2 ingredients!! 

Engaging with these guidelines the food choices get interesting!! Meat, eggs, cheese, (dairy if you can) Fish, seasonal fruit. We use salt on our food. We cook in butter or tallow. 

Nutrient rich foods like these can sustain you, hunger pains go and life feels bigger and more alive.

Nutrients from animal foods are 100% bioavailable, this means that the body, when digesting, can use all of the food, it wastes nothing!! Liver is nature's superfood, it is dense in essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids that keep you sated and thriving. Drinking bone broth everyday provides you with enough collagen to help you recover from exercise, keeps you hair growing lustriously  and keeps your skin glowing.

So if you're feeling slow, sluggish, not thriving. If your gut health could be better, if your skin and hair are dull, I suggest you try switching to the Animal based, Ancestral way of eating. Try it for a month and see if you can transform your life.