Dietary Fats, Eat to live long and healthy
Dietary fats: Reference: Primal Body Primal Mind Nora Gedguadas The big fat surprise:  Nina Teicholz Even though the focus of dietary recommendations is usually a reduction of saturated fat intake, no relation between saturated fat intake and risk of...
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SOY Why is this so bad for me??
  Consuming soy products is a modern phenomena. Traditionally soy has not been seen as a food, but due to chemical processing humans have created ‘food’ products from soy. Like TVP textured vegetable protein, tofu, soy milk, and soy protein...
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Are Grains Bad For Me??

Why are grains not that good to eat??

All plants contain defence chemicals, because plants want to reproduce, they cant fight or run so have developed defences to maintain their species. To deter animals, insects and humans from eating them. 

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